Welcome Letter

elms farm

  Welcome to our website!

We are a friendly, welcoming school with a committed and caring staff. Our vision is simple –

EVERYONE MATTERS     Everyone in our school must feel comfortable, valued, welcome and important. We wish to encourage a caring community where staff, pupils, parents, and governors work as a team, expressing opinions and listening to the views of each other.

LEARNING IS CENTRAL    We will provide a stimulating, balanced curriculum where children are encouraged to be active participants in their learning process so that they can succeed to their fullest potential. We will strive to support everyone in becoming highly motivated life-long learners.

MEET THE CHALLENGES OF EVERY DAY LIFE    We will endeavour to equip the pupils with key skills so that they become successful learners and responsible citizens.

SAFE SECURE ENVIRONMENT    We will provide a happy and safe environment where everyone is valued and respected, and where all individuals feel confident.

FOSTERING LINKS WITH FAMILY, OTHER SCHOOLS AND THE LOCAL COMMUNITY   We will promote a welcoming school where parents and carers are actively encouraged to be fully involved in the education and social development of their child.  We will encourage active participation and involvement in our local community and appreciation of our place in the wider world.

ACHIEVEMENT FOR ALL   We will encourage everyone to aim high and achieve their full potential, in all areas of the curriculum, including the social emotional aspects of learning.

RESPONSIBILITY AND RESPECT FOR SELF AND OTHER By following out Golden Rules we will create a sense of responsibility, respect and caring for self, others, the environment and the wider community.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE    So that when pupils look back on their time at school, albeit much later, they will do so with positive regard to the experience they received.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your child develops a love of learning!

Mrs B Gallagher


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