School Uniform

What can my child wear at school?

GREY skirt/pinafore dress/trousers

BLUE summer dress

WHITE polo shirt or shirt

NAVY BLUE sweatshirt/cardigan with or without Elms Farm badge

WHITE or GREY socks GREY tights

BLACK shoes NO boots. Velcro or Buckle fasteners NO slip on shoes.




INDOOR-BLACK/BLUE shorts, WHITE t-shirt & black plimsolls

OUTDOOR-PLAIN BLACK/BLUE tracksuit, WHITE  t-shirt & trainers NO designer tracksuits.


Please  name all of your child’s uniform and put PE kits in separate drawstring bags.

Jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. should not be worn to school and if children’s ears have been pierced only stud type ear-rings should be worn.  This is an essential safety precaution.




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