Hello and welcome to Elms Farm Nursery.

We will be exploring some themes over the next year and investigating these through topics. They will be

  • Why do leaves go crispy?
  • Why do Spiders eat Flies
  • Stories and their effects.
  • Why can’t I eat Chocolate for breakfast?
  • Can we explore it?
  • Am I the fastest?
  • Why do you love me so much?
  • Toys
  • Why can’t I have a dog?
  • Which was the biggest Dinosaur?
  • Seasons & Change, Tadpoles, Sunflowers
  • Are Eggs alive?
  • Why is water wet?

           Nursery Staff –  Mrs Chaunkria, Miss Lovell, Miss Young and Miss Stratford

Nursery Spring Term 2017

Nursery Summer term


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